tisdag 14 juli 2009

Yesterday was fail. I did not get any porn done for Lerato's birthday and the cat had a bad tummy. We were sitting here peacefully when splurting and farting comes from the bathroom suddenly. The poor cat has shat down the wall! Realising I just could not get into the bathroom to get it all up because of the smell, I retrieved my real gasmask and put it on. Like a large bug I slunk back into the bathroom and desperatly wiped it all up, picked the piece of poop too. The rest was just a wet little lake in the box, so I could only cover that up to dry. Luckily, I couldn't smell anything through the mask, even though the stench got into the apartment later...
My poor kitty, I think he was ashamed. XD
Today I'm sick, I didn't go to work. I have a headache, I feel generally ill and just crappy and despite it being really hot I am cold and freezing. ; - ;
I really don't like being away from my work; I only go three days a week, 2-6pm, and it's actually fun to be there. I don't have the near panic feel like I did before at Kultivator. Hopefully I'll be able to be at Återkommande Mode(Reappearing Fashion; welfare second hand-store with vintage downstairs) for longer days and more days even after a while. :>
On another note, I've joined a really nice guild in WoW thanks to Holly! It's nice to be able to talk to more people now there, and they are really friendly. :3

I don't have anything else to say. I slept in for really long, and Vincent's in the shower, and we're probably gonna gorge ourselves on pizza or something the like (I rather not buy pizza D: ) and I desperatly want candy/chocolate. Pms, yehaaaaw.

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  1. :3 <3 See, stuff happens, and that was interesting too :) <3


  2. I tried my hardest just for you. u 3 u