lördag 5 september 2009

Mah gahd. D: I haven't updated in a while but that's because we're broke and and we have no internet and last Monday when we were here at my parents' to pay bills I couldn't log into this crap. x_x

The news is that we've moved, we're having financial problems (which we'll probably get fixed on Monday) the cat loves us luckily enough, though she's VERY demanding. Like yesterday when Vincent had petted her and left her on the chair to answer the phone. She had apparently hissed and mewled loudly at Vincent for leaving her. XD No other reason! She doesn't like salty catcandys but she loves sweets, like lingonberryjam and chocolate(which we have to keep from her desperatly) and stuff. She's awefully silly, but it's lovlely and she loves to cuddle with us in bed.

We're finally getting food at parents' place on Saturdays again. >:3 So we'll start saving money again. XD

Um, I've started to play a game called Dragonica thanks to Holly, and I'm having abstinens to that and Wow like hell. D: And everything else. *Crycry*

måndag 10 augusti 2009

Today I have a few more happier notes to write about. We're picking up a new kitten on Friday (I think I mentioned that) and today we stocked up on foods and bought shoes for ourselves. I found a pair of sneakers I've wanted for so long but thought that 500 Swe.crowns were just too much to pay... but they are having a 70% sale and I bought them this time for 150 Swe.crowns. :B Vincent manage to find some too! I'm happy for her sake, it's not often she finds things she likes! Two pairs she found and I found myself paying for the other one... :B She's too cute for MY own good.

It's been humid and hot all day so when I called and asked my mum for a ride home, as we were gonna buy foods, I was happy to hear that she and dad was going to buy some stuff there too so no dragging bags of stuff home!

Oh, did I mention me and Vincent are engaged now!? :D (Not that anyone reads this besides the two people who would know it already...i.e Vincent and Holly. XD )

Oh yeah, we're moving soon so it'll be lots of cleaning and dragging and EUGH I'll be soooo tired. But I can't wait to get out of this crackhouse! (Well, actually there are mostly old people and families living here but ugh...if you'd seen this shitty apartment..)

söndag 2 augusti 2009

So our little vacation just ended up in pure disaster and tears. My kitty Xemnas of ca 2 years passed away yesterday because of a reckless driver. The worst part is that I never cuddled him yesterday and that the road he got killed on hardly have any traffic plus I had this worrying feeling all day about him. I'm heartbroken and it hurts so badly; I had to get dad to send us home because I couldn't stop crying and felt I pulled down the mood majorly in the house.

Xemnas was not just any cat; he was the most loving creature I've ever known. He loved his mummy and daddy so much he always wanted to be near us wether it was in bed, by the computer or in the sofa. He even came with us on walks.

There's nothing nor no one that can replace Xemnas but I will eventually get a new kitten because I know I can't live without a cat in my life.

I love you, Xemnas. Rest in peace, little baby.

fredag 31 juli 2009

I am beat! Today we cleaned the apartment! And Vincent was so kind to not whine about it. I've cleaned, vaccumed and scrubbed the entire apartment, more or less, AND that godforsaken stove! Why, you ask? Because we're moving soon and getting the hard stuff done makes it easier when we'll have to move-clean. Now I'm dead-tired and I gotta get up in about 6,5 hours. Been playing WoW, and I'm waiting for the Evolving item report on Gaiaonline.com, huhu. The cat looks cute, curled up on the bed, that bad little thing..he knows he's not supposed to be there. Well, he knew when we didn't have the actual bed and only the matresses on the floor, but now as we're off the floor he seems to think it's okay. And we don't have the heart to kick him off.. XD
On another note, I've almost got 8k of gold on my main on WoW for those who knows the value of that. XD Impressive, isn't it? ;o Gotta work tomorrow, then we're getting picked up, cat and all, to go to my grandparents' cottage so we can get a bit of a vacation! Holly, we'll be back on Tuesday. :D Meh, my hands are hurting from all the scrubbing..so this will be it.

tisdag 14 juli 2009

Yesterday was fail. I did not get any porn done for Lerato's birthday and the cat had a bad tummy. We were sitting here peacefully when splurting and farting comes from the bathroom suddenly. The poor cat has shat down the wall! Realising I just could not get into the bathroom to get it all up because of the smell, I retrieved my real gasmask and put it on. Like a large bug I slunk back into the bathroom and desperatly wiped it all up, picked the piece of poop too. The rest was just a wet little lake in the box, so I could only cover that up to dry. Luckily, I couldn't smell anything through the mask, even though the stench got into the apartment later...
My poor kitty, I think he was ashamed. XD
Today I'm sick, I didn't go to work. I have a headache, I feel generally ill and just crappy and despite it being really hot I am cold and freezing. ; - ;
I really don't like being away from my work; I only go three days a week, 2-6pm, and it's actually fun to be there. I don't have the near panic feel like I did before at Kultivator. Hopefully I'll be able to be at Återkommande Mode(Reappearing Fashion; welfare second hand-store with vintage downstairs) for longer days and more days even after a while. :>
On another note, I've joined a really nice guild in WoW thanks to Holly! It's nice to be able to talk to more people now there, and they are really friendly. :3

I don't have anything else to say. I slept in for really long, and Vincent's in the shower, and we're probably gonna gorge ourselves on pizza or something the like (I rather not buy pizza D: ) and I desperatly want candy/chocolate. Pms, yehaaaaw.

söndag 5 juli 2009

Well, you might wonder why I type this in English; it's because I am a sad bastard and I have like no Swedish friends! :D ...well, I do, but the majority of my friends speaks English. . - .

So, Holly forced me to make a blog. Well, I have a livejournal, but it's boring and I never write anything in it and I wanted some cool layout that I couldn't be bothered to fix over there. What I'll write on this blog I have no idea though; it's not like my life is very eventful. xD