söndag 2 augusti 2009

So our little vacation just ended up in pure disaster and tears. My kitty Xemnas of ca 2 years passed away yesterday because of a reckless driver. The worst part is that I never cuddled him yesterday and that the road he got killed on hardly have any traffic plus I had this worrying feeling all day about him. I'm heartbroken and it hurts so badly; I had to get dad to send us home because I couldn't stop crying and felt I pulled down the mood majorly in the house.

Xemnas was not just any cat; he was the most loving creature I've ever known. He loved his mummy and daddy so much he always wanted to be near us wether it was in bed, by the computer or in the sofa. He even came with us on walks.

There's nothing nor no one that can replace Xemnas but I will eventually get a new kitten because I know I can't live without a cat in my life.

I love you, Xemnas. Rest in peace, little baby.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jag älskar dig, min lilla sötsnuttis. Det kommer bli bra igen <3

  2. Wtf...Who the hell drives off after doing such a thing? Did they drive off? D: God...I donno what to say.... :< Sorry poopy <3 If I could go kill someone for it, I would. Or at least they'd be very very hurt for it. =/
    -Cuddle- <3

  3. OMG jag är så ledsen Pokey!!! *KRAMAR PÅ* Det är så jävla hemskt att det ska hända sånna saker! Folk kör som idioter och katterna vet ibland inte bättre än att gå ut i vägen och hinner inte undan när bilarna kommer farande...

    Jag och Frida skickar båda digitala kramar upp till dig och hoppas att du kommer må bättre snart! ;w;

  4. I'm so sorry my baby u_u...