måndag 10 augusti 2009

Today I have a few more happier notes to write about. We're picking up a new kitten on Friday (I think I mentioned that) and today we stocked up on foods and bought shoes for ourselves. I found a pair of sneakers I've wanted for so long but thought that 500 Swe.crowns were just too much to pay... but they are having a 70% sale and I bought them this time for 150 Swe.crowns. :B Vincent manage to find some too! I'm happy for her sake, it's not often she finds things she likes! Two pairs she found and I found myself paying for the other one... :B She's too cute for MY own good.

It's been humid and hot all day so when I called and asked my mum for a ride home, as we were gonna buy foods, I was happy to hear that she and dad was going to buy some stuff there too so no dragging bags of stuff home!

Oh, did I mention me and Vincent are engaged now!? :D (Not that anyone reads this besides the two people who would know it already...i.e Vincent and Holly. XD )

Oh yeah, we're moving soon so it'll be lots of cleaning and dragging and EUGH I'll be soooo tired. But I can't wait to get out of this crackhouse! (Well, actually there are mostly old people and families living here but ugh...if you'd seen this shitty apartment..)

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