lördag 5 september 2009

Mah gahd. D: I haven't updated in a while but that's because we're broke and and we have no internet and last Monday when we were here at my parents' to pay bills I couldn't log into this crap. x_x

The news is that we've moved, we're having financial problems (which we'll probably get fixed on Monday) the cat loves us luckily enough, though she's VERY demanding. Like yesterday when Vincent had petted her and left her on the chair to answer the phone. She had apparently hissed and mewled loudly at Vincent for leaving her. XD No other reason! She doesn't like salty catcandys but she loves sweets, like lingonberryjam and chocolate(which we have to keep from her desperatly) and stuff. She's awefully silly, but it's lovlely and she loves to cuddle with us in bed.

We're finally getting food at parents' place on Saturdays again. >:3 So we'll start saving money again. XD

Um, I've started to play a game called Dragonica thanks to Holly, and I'm having abstinens to that and Wow like hell. D: And everything else. *Crycry*

1 kommentar:

  1. Zomg I love your cat even if can't see her or pet her x'D

    Aww I was wondering what happened to you both ;3; I though you were in trouble or something but I'm relieved it just a internet conecction problem.

    o3o much love for you and Vincent!! <3333