fredag 31 juli 2009

I am beat! Today we cleaned the apartment! And Vincent was so kind to not whine about it. I've cleaned, vaccumed and scrubbed the entire apartment, more or less, AND that godforsaken stove! Why, you ask? Because we're moving soon and getting the hard stuff done makes it easier when we'll have to move-clean. Now I'm dead-tired and I gotta get up in about 6,5 hours. Been playing WoW, and I'm waiting for the Evolving item report on, huhu. The cat looks cute, curled up on the bed, that bad little thing..he knows he's not supposed to be there. Well, he knew when we didn't have the actual bed and only the matresses on the floor, but now as we're off the floor he seems to think it's okay. And we don't have the heart to kick him off.. XD
On another note, I've almost got 8k of gold on my main on WoW for those who knows the value of that. XD Impressive, isn't it? ;o Gotta work tomorrow, then we're getting picked up, cat and all, to go to my grandparents' cottage so we can get a bit of a vacation! Holly, we'll be back on Tuesday. :D Meh, my hands are hurting from all the this will be it.

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